ViewSonic TD3207 32” Open Frame Touch Monitor with 24/7 Operation
ViewSonic TD3207 32” Open Frame Touch Monitor with 24/7 Operation
ViewSonic TD3207 32” Open Frame Touch Monitor with 24/7 Operation
ViewSonic TD3207 32” Open Frame Touch Monitor with 24/7 Operation
ViewSonic TD3207 32” Open Frame Touch Monitor with 24/7 Operation
ViewSonic TD3207 32” Open Frame Touch Monitor with 24/7 Operation

ViewSonic TD3207 32” Open Frame Touch Monitor with 24/7 Operation

ViewSonic TD3207 32” Open Frame Touch Monitor with 24/7 Operation

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  • Durable and scratch-resistant IP54 front touchscreen
  • Highly responsive 10-points PCAP touch technology
  • Long-lasting 24/7 usage
  • Adaptable to multi-screen orientations
  • Ease of installation with VESA-mountable design

This product is an open frame; it does not have a mount/stand. Please add Tabletop TV Stand Basic Fix if you require one.

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The ViewSonic's TD3207 is the ideal solution for commercial and industrial spaces. Designed for heavy, continuous usage, the open frame series TD3207 delivers a 24/7 long-life. Resistant to moisture and scratches, the 3mm thick glass screen features an intuitive 10-point PCAP touch technology for maximum interactivity. Featuring SuperClear® AMVA panel technology, the device delivers lifelike imagery, vivid color, and constant brightness of up to 450 nits. Connection options include HDMI and DisplayPort inputs for effortless sharing capabilities and an RS232 allows you to control the device remotely. Equipped with VESA mounting design for any surface and screen orientation, the touch screen is the perfect display for various environments.

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Why you should use ViewSonic's TD3207 ?

Accessible, durable, and contamination resistant, the 32" touch monitor is your one-stop solution for industrial, retail, and commercial applications. Whether it is a self-ordering kiosk or an industrial control automation, the device delivers stunning image quality, versatile installation modes and an intuitive 10-point touch response technology.

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Supreme reliability and durability

Hard knocks, water splashes or sudden drops, ViewSonic’s TD3207 is a durable, rugged device built to endure heavy activity and unpredictable weather conditions. Featuring a 3mm thick glass with 7H hardness, the scratch and water-resistant surface will capture the smallest touch to the biggest swipe with ease.

Robust IP54 front waterproof screen

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Intuitive and responsive touch

Experience a smooth, responsive interactive touchscreen at your fingertips with the hyper-sensitive Projective Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Technology. With up to 10 touch points at a time, each touch response is read accurately and with precision.

PCAP 10 point touch

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Long-lasting usage

Capable of 24/7 continuous operation, the TD3207 is the ideal device to run graphics-rich content in high-traffic spaces for long days and evenings.

24/7 Operation

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VESA-mountable design in any space and direction

Equipped with 200x100mm & 400x200mm VESA-mountable designs, the open-framed display can be attached to any surface seamlessly and securely. Horizontal, vertical or face-up, it can be installed in various orientations to suit your preferred venue and viewing angle.

Dual Versatile mounting methods

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Viewing Clarity from Wide Angles

Enjoy superb performance and better viewing quality from horizontal to vertical angles. With SuperClear® Vertical Alignment panel technology, the monitor remains clear and in good contrast color from 178° all around, whether you are looking at the screen from above, below, the front, or the side.

SuperClear® 178°/178°

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Brilliance at its brightest

With up to 450 nits of brightness, the screen delivers greater clarity to the tiniest detail and constant visuals in a brighter environment. Group collaborations and presentations to larger audiences are now elevated into an immersive visual experience.

High brightness 450nits

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Real time at your disposal

Maximize efficiency with the smart time-bound system that allows real-time scheduling and allocated programming down to your preferred second. It runs smooth and tight like clockwork, so you don’t have to.

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Certified Environmental Sustainability

The TD3207 is an Energy Star-certified product that can save on energy costs while reducing greenhouse gases.
*Energy savings may vary based on actual usage and other factors.
*Certifications and safety regulations are dependent on the purchase area.

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Connectivity at your command

Streamline your workflow with unmatched device-sharing capabilities. Using an array of cable inputs like HDMI and DisplayPort, connect to external consoles, laptops, or high-definition devices, and share your content effortlessly. And an RS232 In connection allows you can control the device remotely.

Dimensions & I/O Ports


1. Menu Control Panel

2. VESA Compatible
(Wall Mount 400 x 200mm)
(Wall Mount 200 x 100mm)

3. DC in
4. Display Port

6. RS232
7. Audio In
8. USB 2.0

9. Speaker 2W