ViewSonic PJ-WPD-700 Wireless Screen Casting Kit
ViewSonic PJ-WPD-700 Wireless Screen Casting Kit
ViewSonic PJ-WPD-700 Wireless Screen Casting Kit
ViewSonic PJ-WPD-700 Wireless Screen Casting Kit
ViewSonic PJ-WPD-700 Wireless Screen Casting Kit
ViewSonic PJ-WPD-700 Wireless Screen Casting Kit
ViewSonic PJ-WPD-700 Wireless Screen Casting Kit
ViewSonic PJ-WPD-700 Wireless Screen Casting Kit

ViewSonic PJ-WPD-700 Wireless Screen Casting Kit

ViewSonic PJ-WPD-700 Wireless Screen Casting Kit

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  • Plug-and-Play: Direct connection without network setup or software installation
  • Peer-to-Peer Connection: Ensure stable and secure connection via an exclusive network​
  • Smooth Display: Less than 80ms latency with support for up to 1080p resolution​
  • DRM-protected Content Streaming: Wirelessly display content from Netflix, Disney+, and more​
  • Long-Range Wireless Transmission: From up to 30m away without long HDMI cables
  • Facilitated Multi-presenter Meetings: Support up to 8 transmitters via USB-C port
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The WPD-700 is an intuitive, stable, and secure wireless casting solution. Offering plug-and-play functionality, it enables users to cast content wirelessly from their mobile devices without network setup or software installation. Using a peer-to-peer connection, it ensures transmission stability and security, and simplifies guest access for content sharing. The WPD-700 provides smooth streaming with less than 80ms latency and supports up to 1080p Full HD resolution. Additionally, it enables wireless streaming of DRM-protected content from popular platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and more. With a transmission range of up to 30m, it allows you to cast content wirelessly even in large spaces, saving the cost of long HDMI cables. The transmitter features a USB-C port, providing direct compatibility with most mobile devices without extra adapters, including the latest iPhone 15. Furthermore, its ability to pair with up to 8 transmitters makes switching between multiple presenters convenient with a single click.


Seamless Plug and Play​

No need for software installation or network setup—simply plug it into your devices, and you're ready. Whether it's staff or guests, anyone can instantly share their screens and deliver highly effective presentations without interruptions from unstable Wi-Fi connections.​

Easy, Quick, Stable​


Secure Wireless Connection​

The WPD-700‘s Peer-to-Peer network establishes an exclusive, secure connection between the transmitter and receiver. This safeguards corporate data security by eliminating the need for visitors to access the intranet. ​

Peer-to-Peer Connection​


Smooth Presentation with Unnoticeable Latency​

Experience smooth screen casting when switching slides or playing videos. With an input latency of under 80ms, the WPD-700 delivers seamless audiovisual transmission with support for up to 1080p Full HD resolution.​


Wireless Content Streaming from Popular Platforms​

Eliminate the frustration of having a black screen after casting DRM-protected content. The WPD-700 enables you to enjoy unlimited content wirelessly from Netflix, Disney+, and more.

*The aforesaid streaming platforms and their logos are used for demonstration purposes only. They are the properties of their respective owners, unaffiliated with ViewSonic, and neither sponsors nor endorsers of the product. ​

DRM-protected Content Display​


Adaptable Screen Display​

Choose your preferred display mode for content casting, with the options of both duplicate and extend modes.​

*Extend mode only available for Windows/macOS​

Duplicate & Extend Modes​


Direct Connectivity with Your Devices​

Connect the WPD-700 transmitter directly to your mobile devices via USB-C, including the latest iPhone 15 series, without the need for adapters.

*Devices must support video streaming and power charging via USB-C port.

USB-C Transmitter​


Long-Range, Cost-Saving Wireless Transmission​

The WPD-700 can wirelessly cast content from up to 30 meters away, providing a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for long HDMI cables, especially beneficial in large spaces such as auditoriums, lecture halls, and more.​


Effortless Multi-Presenter Switch​

Enhance collaboration efficiency during a muti-presenter meeting. The WPD-700 supports up to 8 transmitters, simplifying user switching with just one click.

Support Up to 8 Transmitters​

Dimensions & I/O Ports

  • 01. HDMI
  • 02. USB-A
  • 03. USB-C