ViewSonic M10 Portable RGB Laser Smart Projector with Harman Kardon Speaker
ViewSonic M10 Portable RGB Laser Smart Projector with Harman Kardon Speaker
ViewSonic M10 Portable RGB Laser Smart Projector with Harman Kardon Speaker
ViewSonic M10 Portable RGB Laser Smart Projector with Harman Kardon Speaker
ViewSonic M10 Portable RGB Laser Smart Projector with Harman Kardon Speaker
ViewSonic M10 Portable RGB Laser Smart Projector with Harman Kardon Speaker
ViewSonic M10 Portable RGB Laser Smart Projector with Harman Kardon Speaker

ViewSonic M10 Portable RGB Laser Smart Projector with Harman Kardon Speaker

ViewSonic M10 Portable RGB Laser Smart Projector with Harman Kardon Speaker

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  • Ultra-compact RGB laser projector​
  • Unmatched color performance with 100% BT.2020 ​
  • Built-in Harman Kardon speaker for outstanding audio experience​
  • Easy setup with auto H/V keystone, instant auto focus, and ceiling projection​
  • Smart capabilities: Wi-Fi screen mirroring, USB-C streaming, and Bluetooth connectivity​
  • ViewSonic Official Shop
  • Local Singapore Warranty
  • Free Local Delivery

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The M10 sets a new standard in portable projectors by incorporating RGB laser technology, delivering unparalleled theater-like audiovisual performance in a compact design. Harnessing the benefits of this laser projection, it provides incredible image and color performance, with 100% coverage of the BT.2020 color gamut and a high brightness of 2,200 RGB Laser Lumens. The M10 projector elevates the home theater experience, delivering a stunning 120" display in 1080p Full HD, complemented by a powerful Harman Kardon speaker for unmatched immersion. With features like auto H/V keystone and instant auto focus, this projector delivers perfectly shaped and clear projection within seconds, offering immediate cinematic enjoyment. Its sleek and minimalistic industrial design seamlessly blends form and function, enabling broader angles and ceiling projection without the need for an additional stand. Enjoy your favorite movies with ease through versatile connectivity options, such as built-in Wi-Fi for wireless screen mirroring and USB-C for direct content display from your mobile devices, including the latest iPhone 15.


Best-in-Class Innovation


Theater-Level Colors

100% BT.2020 wide color gamut


Enhanced Brightness

2,200 RGB Laser Lumens for brilliant images anytime



Up to 30,000 hours lifespan



Mercury-free for a greener future

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Cinematic Colors with Unmatched Brilliance​

Get ready to be stunned by exceptional visuals. The ultra-compact M10 delivers vibrant colors, covering a wide color gamut of 100% BT.2020, which is almost twice wider than Rec.709 and superior to DCI-P3, pushing the boundaries of portable projectors.

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Bright Images Anytime and Anywhere​

Enjoy your favorite movie or shows anytime, anywhere, without turning all lights off and pulling down curtains. ​The M10 offers a high brightness of 2,200 RGB Laser Lumens, providing the ultimate convenience of a portable projector without compromising on visual performance.​


Modern Minimalistic Compact Design​

The M10 boasts a premium brushed metallic finish and a minimalist touch, offering superior audiovisual performance in a significantly reduced size, compared to typical RGB laser projectors that are often bulky and heavy. Embrace the agility of its compact and lightweight design, ensuring portability and space efficiency. Whether you want to stay at home or be on the move, the M10 is your ideal entertainment companion.​


Pure Audio Bliss by Harman Kardon Speaker

Feel the immersive audio experience powered by the built-in Harman Kardon speaker. Dive into a world of powerful, crystal-clear sound while you indulge in your favorite movies, the latest live concert, and exciting games adventures anytime, anywhere.


1080p Full HD for Captivating Details​

Experience every detail with ultra-sharp image quality delivered in Full HD 1080p resolution with HDR/HLG support for a visual spectacle wherever you are.​


Flowing Movements All the Way

Lie back and immerse yourself in seamless spectacle without a single second missed. The M10 features Frame Interpolation technology, which reduces motion blur and makes for smooth delivery of fast-moving images.

Audiovisual Feast at Ease


Hands-Free Setup from Any Angle

Experience instant cinematic immersion with a quick and hassle-free setup. Featuring a comprehensive automatic horizontal and vertical keystone with 4 corner adjustment, the projector effortlessly displays symmetrical images from different angles.


Instant Auto Focus at the Speed of Light​

Instant and accurate distance ranging on any surface is achieved by the industry-leading Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology, automatically delivering perfectly focused visuals in a matter of seconds.​


Infuse Ceilings with Wonder

The M10 is the perfect companion for relaxing weekends. Whether you’re watching your favorite show or reminiscing over photos captured during your travels, it’s easy to project images onto the ceiling from the comfort of your bed, without the need for an additional tripod.


More Setup Flexibility with Digital Zoom

Setting up has become more convenient now with 0.8X-1.0X digital zoom function. Zoom out the projected image to fit your desired screen size from the same distance without having to move the projector.


Designed with Eye Care in Mind​​

The M10 has been certified by TÜV SÜD for a low blue light ratio which contributes to increasing eye protection. The projector utilizes reflective light which bounces off the wall or projector screen before hitting your eyes, allowing you to enjoy prolonged viewing periods with minimized eyestrain.​​


Empower Smart Living


​Wireless Screen Mirroring from Your Smart Devices​​

Dive into your favorite contents within seconds thanks to 5GHz high speed Wi-Fi connectivity. You can cast or mirror content from your devices to the big screen cable free.​


Direct Content Streaming via USB-C​

Project content directly from your mobile devices, including the latest iPhone 15, while simultaneously charging it via a USB-C cable. Stream videos, FaceTime with friends, or play Nintendo® Switch on the big screen without a docking station, all through a single cable.


Ideal Companion for Your Favorite Streaming Devices

Indulge yourself in endless streaming pleasure on the big screen with your favorite streaming device. The M10 is compatible with popular streaming devices, including Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku, ensuring a seamless streaming experience with the device you are already familiar with. Moreover, the built-in USB-A port serves as a convenient charging hub for your streaming device without the need for separate power adapters.

*Devices must support USB-C video streaming.​
 **iPhone models prior to iPhone 15 require an Apple-authorized Lightning to HDMI adapter.


​Bluetooth-Enabled Audio Options

Enjoy quality sound on your own terms. Use the M10 as a Bluetooth speaker or connect it to your Bluetooth headphones and immerse in yourself in a world of big-screen entertainment.​​


Intuitive Touch Control with Your Phone​​​​​​

Turn your phone into an intuitive remote touch control for your projector. Simply download the vCastSender app on your phone, ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and pair them up to get started.​​


Smart Backlit Remote Control

Featuring a built-in G sensor that automatically lights up the back of the remote when lifted, never struggle to find the right command button in the dark again. ​Its Bluetooth connectivity provides the flexibility and convenience everyone has always wished for - no need to point the remote directly at the receiver anymore.​​​