ViewSonic Supports Teachers and Students in Transitioning Back to School

Dec 17, 2021

(November 1, 2021) – With schools reopened, ViewSonic offers a range of innovative and future-ready solutions to support educators and students in transitioning back to face-to-face learning. By delivering enhanced interactivity, connectivity, and portability, the education solutions assist educators to create engaging learning spaces with flexibility that can adapt to different environments—all while deepening in-class engagement and allowing for social distancing where needed.

Engaging and Interactive In-Class Collaboration

ViewSonic’s ViewBoard Interactive Displays integrated with the myViewBoard Software Suite are the modern whiteboard in the digital age for educators to remotely control, collaborate and create teaching content. Thanks to the user-friendly interface design, teachers can annotate on the touchscreen with the digital whiteboarding tool, and easily switch between different input sources when connecting to laptops, slot-in PCs, or document cameras. It also gives teachers easy access to myViewBoard Clips, a video-assisted learning platform, with over two million educational videos to design intriguing lessons.

This comprehensive solution facilitates a high level of in-class interactivity with integrated hardware and software. For instance, teachers can run activities like group discussions or class quizzes on the visual learning platform, myViewBoard Classroom —even if their students are in another part of the world. It breaks the physical barrier of the classroom and facilitates collaboration in today’s learning environment.

Moreover, student safety is always a top priority for the school. The Wireless Presentation Display (WPD) solution helps to maintain a safe social distancing and reduce unnecessary physical contact without compromising engagement in the classroom. The teacher can instantly share their screen via Chrome and Edge browsers through myViewBoard Display, while students can cast their screens from their own devices to the central display during group discussions.

Enhanced Visual Experience in Large Spaces

As a leading global visual solution provider, ViewSonic has developed various innovative solutions, ranging from 5” displays to 300” projected images, each designed to support the demands of various scenarios. For larger classrooms or lecture halls, the fast and flexible to install feature of projectors allows for creative applications with easy angle adjustment for any educational purpose.

The other ideal solution for large venues like auditoriums is the All-in-One LED Displays. These displays, which come in sizes from 108” to 216”, offer easy installation, operation, and maintenance by integrating multiple systems into one device. Moreover, their vibrant color with Full HD resolution and high brightness with 8-level adjustments deliver a vivid and life-like viewing experience even in bright light environments. Not to mention the ultra-slim and elegant design provides a seamless viewing experience and keeps the students engaged.

Taking the Classroom Everywhere

There is also a range of portable visual products that help students stay connected, such as the 5” pen displays and 16” TD1655 touch monitors, transforming any place into a digital teaching-learning space. Meanwhile, the document cameras allow teachers to remotely view and assist students as they write or draw in real-time.

For smaller group discussions or outdoor lectures, the M-series of smart portable LED projectors with a built-in battery and wireless connectivity provide convenient audio-visual for learning and sharing anywhere spontaneously. 

With a user-centric mindset, ViewSonic allows institutions to reimagine what learning looks like by providing a variety of innovative and easy-to-use solutions. The goal is to create an uninterrupted learning environment where schools, educators, and students aren't just equipped to deal with the current challenges—they're able to future-proof education for the digital age.